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Newest hotspot:Cold Hemp Jellyfish, Bohle Plains, Queensland
Northernmost hotspot:Fit Snowy Condor, Muirhead, Northern Territory
Westernmost hotspot:Slow Emerald Opossum, Brockman, Western Australia
Easternmost hotspot:Blunt Slate Kitten, Byron Bay, New South Wales
Southernmost hotspot:Fast Brown Platypus, Margate, Tasmania

Australia now has 9664 hotspots!

Hotspots by region:

Australian Capital Territory - 157
New South Wales - 3185
Northern Territory - 332
Queensland - 1769
South Australia - 867
Tasmania - 69
Victoria - 2133
Western Australia - 1152

What is Helium mining?

TLDR; earning crypto for sending and receiving radio signals.

In order to explain the rewards system fully one must first begin to understand the Helium network and its purpose. As technology is evolving, more and more devices are reliant on internet access to communicate. This is what is commonly referred to as the Internet of Things or IoT.
Of course devices around the house can gain internet access through WiFi but this isn't feasible for devices that may be used outdoors such as GPS vehicle trackers, weather instruments, soil sensors, pest traps and the likes.
Such IoT devices only require minimal internet connectivity to send a heartbeat or the latest statistics. The Helium network has been designed with the intention of providing access to such small IoT devices to share their signals.
Currently the network is growing rapidly around the world and as with any network, it can only thrive if it can provide ample coverage. As such, people who host Helium gateway devices at their house provide a means for IoT devices to connect to the internet.
As a token of gratitude for the service, the Helium host is rewarded with Helium tokens.

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